Catalyst88 is coming to the UK on March 22nd- 24th 2018.

This event is best suited for eCommerce entrepreneurs who are seeking growth in Strategy, Systems, and Scale. Especially for those who are focused on the marketplace for their growth.

If you are a brand builder (sometimes called private label business) seeking to get a better grip on your business while building equity in a real brand and long-term wealth in your own business this may be a good fit for you.

After holding a test event back in 2016 to see if the prospective members would find value in an event done the Catalyst88 way, the members declared it a resounding success. Thus the Catalyst88 Mastermind was born. And after 4 more events in 2017, the Mastermind group is full in the USA.

Now in 2018, our leadership team has decided to put on a test event in March 2018 in England. This event is designed for all European entrepreneurs to give them the benefit of a Catalyst88 event without having to travel all the way to Seattle.

The cost to participate in the UK test event is $7500.00USD. (Payable only after the application, vetting, and approval.) Please note that this is admission to the single test event. If the mastermind attendees decide it is a good idea to form a long-term group we will do that in the future. (We will not be upselling you anything during the event. Any decision to carry on to a formal mastermind will come after the event from participant feedback.)

Remember at this time this is a one-time event only. If the members enjoy the experience we will continue with more regular meetings (3 per year) in the future which will likely be in the greater London area, but members will have input on the future venue as well. The annual cost for that mastermind will be $25K per year and will include 3 meetings per year.

Want to learn more about Steve Simonson? Read about his first million-dollar day attempt by clicking here.

This mastermind is not for everyone, but for those that find the opportunity compelling and get through the vetting process, we truly believe that the rewards will be significant both on a personal level as well as a business level. Please bear in mind that Mastermind members are accountable to each other to give their very best efforts to strengthen the group. The finest Mastermind groups flourish because members trust and respect each other and therefore the spirit of giving is never-ending.

** Our scholarship has been awarded to Martyna K - from Warsaw, Poland. We look forward to seeing you in Coventry really soon! Thanks to all of those who particpated.

Event introduction Video:

More about what you can expect:

Giddy up and Go when you're ready:

What is the event like?

  • Day 1 - Event Opening, Strategy and Member Smart Sessions
  • Day 2 - Field Trip to Learn more about eCommerce. You will tour an eCommerce company with 85 employees, a contact center, 60,000-foot warehouse, and more -- all built OFF of Amazon. (35+ million pounds in turnover projected for this year.)
  • Day 3 - Event Closing, Systems and Scale discussions and Member Smart Sessions/Discussions

If attendees like the event and are ready for a formalized quarterly mastermind then the Catalyst88 team will be prepared to host future events in the UK each quarter for members who pass the application and vetting requirements.


  •  Your Personal Why: We will share our experience about finding your WHY and what a massive impact it can have on your business and your life. (And we'll share a process to help you get started.)
  •  Building an Organization: We will share our experience with building teams, both virtual and on-site, and how to maintain "dual vision" to manage the now, but prepare for the future. If you are going to scale you need to have people. In fact, we'll show you how people can increase your valuation when you exit.
  •  Systemization: We will share our view of how systems play a key role in your ability to scale. The systems run the business. (Spoiler Alert: the people run the systems)
  •  Strengths Based Leadership: We will share a process to discover your strengths, which are backed by science and over 30 million participants globally, and then share some of the best practices to develop your strengths and start getting your team involved in strengths-based results. 
  •  Exit Planning: We will share what we believe are key drivers to maximizing your exit plan.
  •  Full Price Giveaways: We will share an exclusive system and resource for Catalyst88 members to drive full price giveaways.
  •  Tactics: Fellow participants almost always share some of the best tactics that are working today on Amazon.
  •  China: We can share best practices on how to manage your cash flow, inventory, and deal with a China supply chain. Including how we negotiate for terms.
  •  NO UPSELLING: We will NOT be pitching you anything.
  •  You Decide: Subject to time if the attendees find certain topics of interest we can dive deep into the topics that are of interest to you.


Here is a quick summary video from some past events:

Potential Future Event Dates If Participants Want Something recurring.

  • Q1-2018 - March 22nd-24th - CONFIRMED - THIS IS THE TEST EVENT.
  • Q2-2018 - 4th Weekend in June
  • Q3-2018 - 3rd Weekend in September


Hotel Booking Details coming shortly for approved applicants only.

Is there a guarantee?

We believe that entrepreneurs take risks every day, but we also believe in transparency and results. And so we'll take the risk with you.  

Therefore we are offering a ROLLING GUARANTEE:

If at the end of Day 1 you are not satisfied you will be refunded 100% of your investment paid for the MasterMind. No attendance to the remaining sessions will be possible, but you can rest assured we care more about your long-term happiness than a short-term financial gain.*

If at the end of Day 2 you are not satisfied you will be refunded 66% of your investment paid for the MasterMind. Since you did find value from Day 1 we are square for that day, but if you found Day 2 unfulfilling we'll happily make it right. You will not be able to attend Day 3.*

If at the end of Day 3 you are not satisfied you will be refunded 33% of your investment paid for the MasterMind. Since you found Day 1 and Day 2 productive we don't need to look backward and we can still be BFFs.*

Your satisfaction with the event AND your success are far more important to us than a little bit of revenue. We always look long term.

*The only condition of the guarantee is that you fill out a post-event survey which has about 30 questions so that we can learn from your experience and get better with time. We will refund anyone who complies with these parameters within 3 business days of the survey being submitted.

There is no refund given for a NO SHOW. You must attend the full sessions to access this ROLLING GUARANTEE

A review of why Catalyst88 was founded: