Amazon Seller Mastermind

The time has come...

We are ready to travel!!

Are you?

eCommerce and Amazon Sellers Mastermind - in PERSON. 

For eCommerce, Shopify,  and Amazon sellers that are ready to travel, and if you're COVID free, join Steve Simonson in Mexico for some break time, family time, and beachside masterminding.

Note: Both the USA and MEXICO require negative covid testing before you board your airplane. Our resort in Mexico will provide free testing services prior to the return to your home country, but you will need to get a test that meets Mexico's requirement prior to entry, which means prior to boarding your flight to Mexico. Mexico Requirements for US Citizens. Note our resort is in the state of Nayarit and you would fly into the PVR (Puerto Vallarta) Airport.

Travelers from ALL countries arriving by air can enter Mexico. Some countries still have Visa requirements. Quarantine is not required if the process and guidelines are followed. Mexico requires a health declaration form as well which is easy to complete on arrival.

Steve will commit significant time from March 25th-27th to help fellow entrepreneurs during this Mexican-based meetup. This is by invitation only. If you want to go and you know Steve connect with him to get the cost and details or ask someone who is going to invite you.

There will be no formal indoor meetings, but many chances to hang out on the beach, oceanside, in restaurants, at the bars, and more. 

These open-air, often beachside hangouts, will give you the chance to ask any and all questions about building your eCommerce business, building teams, and scaling from where you are now to where you want to be.


Puerto Vallerta, MEXICO

March 25 to March 27th


(You are responsible for your own air and hotel booking -

you must book at the same all-inclusive resort to gain entry.)

Catalyst88 Alumni - 1 FREE Participant Per Company

Amazon or eCommerce Seller - $699.00 per participant

Service Provider or Vendors - $1499.00 per participant

This is intended to be an informal small-scale event just for sellers to help each other. Payment and NDA's are required prior to confirmation. There will be no recordings. The knowledge and relationships you make are yours to cherish.

You still have to get an invite from Steve or someone else who is already on the guest list. Talk to Steve on Clubhouse, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, or his text and email if you want an invite. MINIMUM participant count is 5 people registered or Steve will cancel and refund. MAXIMUM is 15 participants.

There is no question that you can find MASSIVE ROI when you have this kind of exclusive and unique opportunity. This is oriented to a small group dynamic.


to the non-profit Empowery eCommerce Cooperative 

Note: 100% of the donations to Empowery will be used to build the co-op to greater heights in 2021.